Uniquip Seminar Output


Presentation slides

This is a selection of presentation slides from the Uniquip seminar.

Professor Nigel Shadbolt - Keynote

Uniquip team - What is the UNIQUIP project? How did it evolve?

What is UNIQUIP.pdf

Dr Yvonne Howard, University of Southampton - What is core when describing equipment and facilities? What does the community think is the standard way to describe equipment?

What is core when describing equipment and facilities.pdf

Robert Stevens, University of Manchester - Categorisation/extended vocabulary. Creating data rich information.

Building Controlled vocabularies.pdf

data.ac.uk team and Kit Catalogue team - Interoperability of datasets and technology, how do we share our data?

How do we share information about equipment and facilities.pdf

Dr Hamish McAlpine, University of Bath - The need for revised procedures

Uniquip 19th September v2.pdf

Chris Gutteridge, University of Southampton - Creating national datasets


Dr Gavin Burnell, University of Leeds - Advantages and disadvantages of integrating corporate management information systems

Linking Inventories to Corporate MI Systems.pdf

Brigitte Joerg - The Role of Standard Bodies


Dick Murray - How do institutions manage data